Specialities du Maitre d’Hotel

£24.95 Steak Voronoff fillet steak, shallots, mushrooms, flamed in sherry and brandy and served with cream sauce £22.50 Steak Monkey Gland sirloin steak in sherry, mushrooms, shallots, brandy and cream £22.50 Steak Diane sirloin steak, mustard, onions and mushrooms flamed in brandy and red wine
£23.95 Fillet of Beef Stroganoff fillet cut into strips cooked with shallots, mushrooms, paprika, white wine and finished with brandy and served on a bed of rice £18.50 Chicken Wagon Wheel breast of chicken cooked in butter with chopped mushrooms, seasoned and flamed with brandy and white wine and served with cream sauce £21.95 Monkfish Newberg escaloped monkfish tail flamed with brandy, sherry finished with lobster sauce & cream £24.95 Fillet Steak au Poivre fillet steak with shallots and crushed peppercorns, flamed in brandy and red wine served with cream sauce £21.50 Veal Marsala escalope of veal, pan fried mushrooms, flamed with brandy, marsala and cream sauce £24.95 Fillet Steak Medallions with wild mushroom and Madeira cream sauce £24.95 Fillet Steak Mexican fillet steak cooked with shallots, peppers, hot chillies, red wine and mustard, flamed with brandy

A selection of vegetables in season and potatoes are included in the main course price.

GM ingredients are not knowingly used in our dishes


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